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Novinka v sortimente TE Connectivity: NG4access ODF platform

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TE Connectivity launches NG4access ODF platform

TE Connectivity has announced the availability of its NG4access ODF platform - a new optical fiber distribution frame (ODF), chassis, adapter pack, and cabled module system that delivers fiber connectivity for central offices, head ends, and data centers.
The NG4access ODF platform delivers equal front and rear technician access, has the ability to mix-and-match fiber connector types within each frame chassis, and boasts what TE claims is industry-leading termination density.
"We have addressed all of the key pain points for users connecting fiber in a central facility," said Jaxon Lang, vice president of TE Telecom Networks.
Increasingly, service providers need to access the rear of the frame to reconfigure active equipment to meet the changing demands of their customers. The NG4access frame's user interface is identical on both sides, making it just as easy for an installer to access connections on the rear of the frame as the front, TE asserts.
Leveraging TE's new 1.2-mm microcable patch cords with reduced bend radius fiber technology, the NG4access frame can support up to 3456 LC connections per frame - an industry-leading feat in termination capacity, TE says. The NG4access frame is a GR 449 Issue-3-compliant frame that offers equal access to connectors and cable on front and rear side of frame and accommodates six universal chassis' per frame.
The NG4access universal chassis and access tray is a 7-inch universal chassis supporting up to 576 (LC) or 288 (SC) connections. Each chassis can hold up to 24 access trays. A single access tray can hold up to two LC12 or SC6 adapter packs, cabled modules, or MPO modules, which can be mixed and matched in the same chassis. The NG4access splice chassis is installed below the bottom chassis on the frame, enabling on-frame splicing without sacrificing overall frame termination density.
In addition, the NG4access adapter packs and cabled modules accept connectors of any type, a TE first that makes it possible to mix-and-match connector types within a frame and even within a single access tray on the frame. This eliminates the need to install a secondary frame or chassis when it is necessary to use a different connector type. All NG4access fiber cable modules snap into the chassis' access tray, simplifying deployment and reducing labor costs.